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How to get authorization as a veterinarian in Denmark?

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food is the responsible authority for issuing authorizations to veterinarians who wishes to work in Denmark.

For further information please contact the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration:
Phone number: (+ 45) 7227 6900
Homepage in English:

How to get authorization as a veterinarian in the other Nordic countries?

Below is listed the responsible authorities in the other Nordic countries. Please visit these links for further information.

Authorization in Finland:
Authorization in Norway:
Authorization in Sweden:

You can also visit the homepages of the other nordic veterinary associations.


How to get authorization as a veterinarian in Germany?

If you are interested in getting authorization in Germany you need to meet the requirements of the directive EU/36/2005. The equivalent German law to this EU directive is the "Bundestierärzteordnung":

At the bottom of the document you find a table listing all the degrees which are (in accordance with the EU-directive) considered equivalent to the national degree and fully recognized in Germany.

Veterinarians are eligible to apply for the "Approbation" which is the veterinary license in Germany. This is done through the "Approbationsbehörden" - the document can be downloaded for the documen list to the right.

The Chambers of Veterinary Surgeons (Landes-Tierärztekammern) are the regulatory bodies for veterinarians in Germany and once you have obtained the "Approbation" certificate it is mandatory to register with one of the 17 Chambers.

It is regulated differently in each Chamber area how to get pharmacies rights, so please contact the local Chamber in the area where you want to work. If you want to have pharmacies rights in Germany without a German veterinary license or "Approbiation" please contact the local Chamber for further information and assistance with the application process.

You can find the contact information for the Chambers on the website:


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