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The Danish Veterinary Association

The Danish Veterinary Association (DVA) is a professional organization for all veterinarians in Denmark.

The DVA embraces all kinds of veterinarians; e.g. practitioners, state veterinary officers, food hygienists, researchers, educators, veterinarians in the private sector, students and retired veterinarians. In total approximately 90 percent of all veterinarians in Denmark are members of the DVA.

The union has approximately 4.000 members - hence approximately 2.500 are active.

The structure of the Danish Veterinary Association

The DVA is both a professional community and embraces two independent associations concerning labour market relations:

  • The employees' veterinarians' organization is a trade union for all employed veterinarians; practitioners, veterinarians in the public and the private sector, researchers and educators.
  • Veterinarian corporate employers' is an association for members who own a veterinary clinic.

The professional community of the DVA takes care of professional matters and is - based on professional interests - divided into professional groups. Also, the DVA has regional associations with the purpose of encouraging professional relations in the region.

The employees’ association The trade union for veterinary employees negotiates the general frame for the working conditions for practitioners and veterinarians in the public sector, e.g. veterinarians working at the university hospitals and veterinary phd-students. Also, the secretariat helps and advices you on an individual basis; e.g. your individual contract, questions about rules for holiday and maternity leave and dismissal.

Veterinarian corporate employers' 

The employers’ association looks after the business interests of its members in the economic and socioeconomic fields.  As a member you can obtain advice and guidance on setting up and running a business, pay and terms of employment for your employees and much more. As a member you are obligated to join the association’s collective insurance scheme. This gives the cheapest and best possible industrial insurance solution for employees as well as business and product liability insurance.

Benefits for the members of the Danish Veterinary Association

The DVA is a strong professional body that looks after the professional and organizational interests of its members and works to create the foundation for a good and solid foothold on the labour market. The DVA takes part in both national and international political activities and is a member of both the "Federation of Veterinarians in Europe" and the "World Veterinary Association". Also, the DVA is the editorial secretariat of the "ACTA Veterinary Scandinavica".

Below is listed some of the services provided from the DVA. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Continuing education

The DVA is very active with continuing education of veterinarians and offers among other things short clinic-related courses, seminars and conferences within the veterinary field. The courses are often offered together with relevant collaborators to ensure up-to-date courses. Additionally, the DVA offers a two-year animal species-specific education.

Communication and members’ magazine

Every three weeks the DVA publishes a members’ magazine "Dansk Veterinærtidsskrift" that covers scientific topics as well as trade union related and political issues.

The DVA also publishes a weekly electronic newsletter which provides an overview of current veterinary issues both in the public media and the association.

Career planning

If you have questions regarding your career and need advice with your current job-situation the DVA offers a personal career-consultancy. Also, the DVA is available to help you target your application and CV.

Want to become a member of the Danish Veterinary Association?

The activities mentioned above are only some of the services the DVA offers. Please read more about us in the brochure linked in the right side of this page.

The DVA welcomes you as a member if you are a veterinarian or a veterinary student - please contact us.

Contact information

The Danish Veterinary Association
Peter Bangs Vej 30
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Email: ddd@ddd.dk
Telephone: (+45) 3871 0888

Registration form 

To become a member of DVA please send an email to Pia Lademann.